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Brushfire Pottery Studio


Green Hills Court

4004 Hillsboro Pike 

Nashville, TN 37215

(615) 385-5334


Hours of Operation -

Hurs of Operation

Monday thru Thursday 11:00-7:00 

(last seating - arrive by 5:30) - (Closed Memorial Day)

Friday  10:00-8:00

(last seating - arrive by 6:30)

Saturday 10:00-6:00

(last seating - arrive by 4:30)

Sunday  1:00-5:00

(last seating - arrive by 3:30)

*Please arrive 1 hour before closing for pick-ups as we reserve the right to close 1 hour prior to scheduled closing if there are no painters in the studio. 

*Reservations recommended for groups of 5 or more everyday and highly recommended for all painters on weekends and holidays.

Please call at 615-385-5334


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