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Kids Birthday Parties                                            

We put the "ART" in Party!


All party packages include:

  • Use of the Party Area

  • Balloon trio to decorate the table

  • Birthday Handprint plate decorated by us

  • Personal Brushfire Party Assistant

  • Clear glaze, fire and gift wrap

Items are ready for pick-up in 7-10 days.


You have the FUN - 

                We do the cleanup!


It's the easiest party you will ever throw!

minimum of 8 kids

5yrs and younger 1 hour party

6yrs and up 1.5 hour party

Please Note:

        15% Gratuity will be added

        to all parties for dedicated party host. 


*Due to limited space, parties are drop off and

are limited to 4 adult guests. Non-painters are 

not permitted to use tables in the studio. 

Younger/larger parties should consider a private 

party available on Sundays from 11:30-12:30 or 

Saturdays from 9:00-10:00 which allows full

use of the studio for plenty of space 

for non-painting guests. Ask us for details!



*A $75 non-refundable party fee is required at

time of booking and covers the use of the party

area, party assistant, set up and clean up. 

The balance is due on the event date.

Parties canceled 2 weeks prior to scheduled date

receive store credit for the party fee. Cancellations

with any less notice will forfeit their party fee.

Re-scheduling of a party with 24hr notice is

accepted providing the party is rescheduled

within 30 days.  


Party Times:


9:00-10:00 - Private $75 extra fee





11:30-12:30 - Private $75 extra fee


For weekday parties, 

please call the studio for availability.

       Choose from one of our creative

                        party packages 


Marvelous Monet - Fun for all ages. 

Choose from a selection of small figurines.

$275 for up to 8 artists, $25 each additional artist


DaVinci's Dishes - Fun and Functional. 
Choose from 8" plate, bowl, or mug

$275 for up to 8 artists, $25 each additional artist


Michelangelo's Monogram—$299 for up to 8 artists, $28 each additional artist. 

We will make a sticker with each attendee’s first initial and the kids will place it on an 8” plate or mug.  Once painted, peel the letter for a one of a kind personalized plate with style. 

Bottichelli's Bash - A real crowd pleaser. 
Choose from a wide selection of themed boxes & figurines to fit any personality

$331 for up to 8 artists, $32 each additonal artist


Cezanne's Creation - minimum $275 for up to 8 artists, $25 each additional artist. 

Create your own package. Choose your own party pieces from over 400 items on our shelves. 

min. 8 artists/$18 pottery min. + $7 studio fee

*Bring in all the food and drinks that you like. 

All food must be served after guests have finished painting. 

*Be sure to bring your own paper goods, utensils, candles and drinks.

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